HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last night, when the clock struck midnight and the date 2015 flashed on the TV, it was the first time in my memory that the new year felt significant. One reason for this switch may be that 2014 was a year of massive change and movement in my life, but with the end of the semester in December, I’ve felt the year coming to a close and have had time to shift my focus towards the great things hurtling towards me in 2015.

A brief recap of 2014…

  • I asserted my identity as an artist and as a designer, and discovered the exhilarating world of design
  • I started Jonetsu
  • I learned to code
  • I published a book
  • I graduated from high school
  • I got into the college of my dreams
  • I met incredible new people
  • I stood up for my beliefs
  • I made lots and lots of art

I want to give each and every one who made this year great a big bear hug—you rock my world!

I’m looking forward to 2015 immensely. I feel that the personal growth that’s happened in the last year has set me up to be able to create and meet and experience great new things. I’m not making typical resolutions this year, since I find they’re usually pretty irrelevant three weeks into the year, but I am firmly setting my sights on a year filled with creation and community.

Now ready, set, go!

2015 awaits!