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Today I took my last final and I’m now officially finished with freshman year. I could talk about how I’ve changed or what I’ve learned, but I feel like I’ve harped on that a lot recently and I’d like to use this post to exude some general positivity and gratitude. Sitting on one of Berkeley’s many glades, tucked in a leafy corner by Strawberry Creek, enjoying a cool breeze while listening to birds chirping, it’s tough to imagine myself anywhere better than here. Many days after class, I take walks around campus, trying each time to explore new corners and paths, allowing myself to be led away from my destination. Every time I find a new bench tucked in a grove of redwoods or a back pathway between stately marble buildings, the magic of Berkeley and the possibilities for discovery here feel fresh and endless. To be able to take time out of my day to sit down amongst the flowers and the bumble bees and collect my thoughts or just sit and watch as people pass is so valuable to me.

Every day here is special if you take the time to make it special, to appreciate your surroundings and soak up the beauty of this campus and these students. So after nine months here and looking ahead to at least 36 more, I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to make Berkeley my place of happiness and discovery.