College is strange; semesters are strange. Today was the last day of instruction of my first semester at college… strangely bittersweet. Class time and professors and friends seem so fleeting, so easily lost. I said goodbye to class friends I will see infrequently from now on, said goodbye to my professor who I will miss dearly, and said goodbye to the class that makes me wake up with a wide smile every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To art history, a very temporary adieu.

I am spending the afternoon listening to music with Yeshe, who looks like she could be my sister. We are the kind of friends that click for no reason and every reason. Our power couple name is Yeshalex. So she came over and we sat on my bed with the twinkly lights on and at cookies and goldfish and had a lovely time catching up. It is the cooky friend-siblings that make college the lovely place that it is.